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Iran Draws Ever Closer to the “Islam Bomb”

Iran Draws Ever Closer to the “Islam Bomb”
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

Over the past few months, there have been a few shrugged shoulders, and a few mutters, about allowing Iran to acquire the atomic bomb rather than have a third front in the War on Terror. Granted, those shrugs and mutterings have been emanating from those with, shall we say… less “constitution,” than most? But, still, whispers of that nature tend to grow into cacophonies among, as we said, those with, uh, less constitution.

“But, J. D., doesn’t that make sense?” you may ask. “I mean, it’s only one more country in the Middle East,” you may continue.

Well, while it is true that Pakistan has the bomb, and Israel has the bomb, Iran is a whole ‘nuther story.

Pakistan is a constant worry for the US. There is little doubt that at some point, in the not too distant future, the US will have to deal with an overthrow of the current regime in Pakistan and the possibility that some, less than stable, individuals will gain control of that country’s nuclear arsenal. It’s going to happen. Bet money on it. That could be years down the road, or it could be tomorrow. The fact that we have troops next door is not a coincidence. You can bet the Pentagon has burned the midnight oil, on numerous long nights, planning, and then re-planning, how to rectify that situation… when if happens.

Israel has a nuclear arsenal. You know… the one they don’t have. Right… that one! The thing is, Israel has no plans to wipe anyone out, save for those who may attempt to do her and her people harm.

From the media we learn this: “Earlier this week, Iran state television reported that the Islamic Republic has successfully test-fired the Sejil-2 missile, whose range outstrips the Shahab, a missile said to be capable of striking Israel and U.S. bases in the Gulf. Al Alam, Iran's Arabic-language satellite television, said the Sejil missile had a longer range than the Shahab missile, which Iranian officials in the past have said can reach targets 2,000 km (1,250 miles) away, which would put Israel and U.S. bases in the Gulf within reach.” Read the entire article HERE.

Which brings us back to Iran. Iran has yet to acquire the bomb. At least… we THINK they haven’t. If not, they are certainly on the threshold of obtaining what some are calling the “Islam Bomb”.

For those “shoulder shruggers,” please consider… Iran is the instigator of much of the terror around the globe today with training, and with money, munitions, material, and in a number of cases, personnel. It is one thing for Iran, alone, to have the bomb, it is quite another for Iran to begin handing those nuclear bombs off to bands of terrorists, all over the planet, who have absolutely no qualms about setting one of them off in Berlin, Paris, Lisbon, London, or New York! And therein lies the greatest threat posed by Iran’s ownership of The Bomb.

Too often we have adjusted our national blinders so that we are seeing only an atomic attack upon Israel instigated by Iran. I must tell you, the likelihood of Iran arming terrorists with A-bombs is far more likely and, far and away, more dangerous to the US and the world.

Some of us in America understand that it will take a nuclear disaster in one of our large cities to get the attention of that portion of Americans who normally do not take part in the daily grind of everyday politics in the country and the world. They are those folks who will ask: “Now why would anyone want to bomb one of our great cities”? They are the folks who will STILL be puzzled as the mushroom cloud rears it’s dark, ugly, countenance above the ruins of what was formally a thriving metropolis with hundreds of thousand of Americans minding their own business, just like them, before the blinding flash that took their lives.

We have always had those folks with us. Historians tell us that when the 13 American Colonies girded for war against Great Britain, 1/3 were for the war for Independence, 1/3 were against the war, and 1/3 didn’t care, one way or the other.

In the days of yesteryear it was gallant, chivalrous even, to allow the opponent to get off the first shot before America took them out. Today… there will be no chance to strike back. The weapons of war are so powerful that he who gets of the first shot, most likely, will be the winner (if there is such a thing as a “winner” in a nuclear war.)

The point of my rambling is this: We have to take the reins in our teeth, dear reader, and do what must be done… before it is too late. Iran must be stopped. And the deed must be done sooner, rather than later. Americans, befuddled by all the politics in the air, both day and night for the past few years, are NOT paying attention to the gathering threat. While we are in the midst of the so-called GREAT RECESSION, Americans are, indeed, distracted. Dear reader, “distracted” is not a good thing when a country is at war for it’s very existence.

It is more likely now that Israel will attack Iran with the current Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, in charge. Netanyahu, himself a former member of the Israeli Special Forces, is acutely aware of the danger posed by Iran’s acquisition of the Islam Bomb. Remember the former government’s bungling of the war in Lebanon? Many in the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) are still smarting from that fiasco. And, it is becoming ever more clear that the US, under the Obama Regime, cannot be counted on to stand with Israel if, when, the “War with Iran” begins. This scribe had originally thought a series of bombing raids on Iran’s nuclear facilities might be able to, at least, set back the Iranian race for the bomb a few years. Now, however, I am convinced a few air raids will not do it. It now appears, at least to this scribe, that there will be a protracted war between Iran and Israel with many casualties and, quite possibly, an exchange of missiles with major cities of both countries being destroyed in the conflagration. In other words there will be little “surgical” about it. It will be a brawl.

No, I have no idea when the strike will come, but come it will. Iran is showing all the signs that it is spoiling for a war with Israel. Israel will have no choice. Well, actually, there is a choice. Europe and America can get behind Israel and assist Israel in taking out the nuclear threat from Iran and continue to enjoy a life of freedom. Or Europe and America can allow Iran to build the bomb, disseminate it to terrorist bands around the globe, and live in fear and trembling as slaves to the Islamofacists. Those are the choices. There is NO MIDDLE GROUND… contrary to what some leading politicians would have us believe.

Now, understand. I am not “warmongering” here. What I AM trying to do is redirect the spotlight onto the very REAL, and possibly worse, threat emanating from Iran’s possession of an Atomic Bomb. And that is… again… arming terrorists with it.

America has had it rather easy, as a nation. We’ve had our wars, even amongst ourselves, but we have had periods of peace. But, I fear that is over.

I hate to break it to some of you, but the war on terror is a never-ending war. It is not likely we will ever again have a world without US troops in the Middle East. But, even if it comes to pass, that we DO manage to dampen the hostilities there, it will be only temporary. In the meantime, wars all over the globe will flare-up and US troops will be required and called into combat in diverse places. It will be a constant struggle; waged from day to day, as young Americans spill their blood in an attempt to keep the death and destruction from our shores. But, eventually, it will arrive here, in America, and we, too, will live then as Israel does today. We’ll not be able to board a municipal bus without worrying if it has a bomb affixed to it, or enter the doors of a shopping mall without the same fear, or attend a sporting event, without that same dark worry tugging at our conscious minds. It will become a way of life and we will yearn for these days of relative peace. Hardly an American family will survive without a death, or multiple deaths, of their young as a result of these wars.

Gloomy? Yes, it is, very. But as I approach my seventieth decade on this earth, I can look ahead and base this prediction on my experience of the 5 wars in my lifetime (so far) in which we have engaged the enemy and found that we have won, lost, or “tied” at the conclusion.

It is said in the Holy Scriptures that in the latter days, or “end times” as some refer to those days, “men will cry peace, peace, but there will be no peace”. Those Scriptures have proven time and time again to be right on target. I see no reason to doubt them, or their wisdom, as we stand at the threshold of a war without end.

The future is going to be difficult. But, it CAN be easier, If the Obama Regime, gets behind Israel in the coming conflict with Iran. Unfortunately, it appears to all who care to observe objectively the Obama Regime’s maneuvering in the Middle East, that the President’s sympathies tend to lie more with the Islamic faction, than with the Israeli faction and, by extension, with the American and European factions.

J. D. Longstreet

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