Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Americans Are Mad As Hell!

Americans Are Mad As Hell!
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

The Last time Americans were this mad, they were colonists and the government to which they were tethered was across the Atlantic, in England, and paid no mind to the “bitching” Americans. Today the government is in Washington, DC. Little else has changed!

The end result of the first scenario above was revolution. The end result of the second scenario above may be the same thing!

The word “Revolution” is being used more and more by Americans in daily conversations and especially on the Internet, by bloggers, and everyday folks who comment on those bog sites.

If you happen to be a member of the US government and you just happen to be reading this blog, you had better take notice. Americans have had all they are going to take from a government that gives all indications that it doesn’t give a damn what we Americans, their constituents think, or what we want, or what we do not want. We never intended a “rogue” government such as we have today. We will not abide a rogue government such as we have today.

If you are an incumbent politician, you have better figure out a way to stop the November elections next year, or you will be out of a job, at least in Washington. If you DO stop the scheduled election, the pitchforks and torches will magically appear and Americans will, once again, take up arms to rescue their country from a government that is far, far, too big, far too powerful, and no longer represents the people of the republic. You have to go!

The Founding Fathers intended us to toss you people out on your butts when you became all the things you have become -- and are today! They said so!

Admit it! You people are a bunch of socialist, Marxists, Progressives/communists, and only God, Himself, knows what else! I don’t know whom you represent -- but you do not represent the American people.

And we are sick of it!

We have had our fill of your abuse of power, of your abuse of the American people. I mean, you have the unmitigated gall to pass a healthcare bill that will affect every American -- except you and your families! How’s that for abuse of power, huh? How’s that for thumbing your nose at your constituents?

Just look at what you are doing. You are trying to pass a Cap and Trade bill that will raise our taxes, increase the amount we have to pay each year to heat our homes, to drive our vehicles, and heavens knows what else. The increase of taxes on fuel alone will drive prices up all across the board. EVERYTHING will cost more. Well, we are not going to allow that one out of the Senate without a knock down drag out fight!

Next, you are about to hit us, for a third time, with another amnesty bill for illegal aliens in the US. The billions and billions that one is going to cost us is incalculable. We’re going to fight you all the way to the finish line on it just as we did last time. Seal the damn borders. Arrest and lock up all illegal aliens. Put them in detention camps somewhere in the deserts of the southwest until they can be deported. Can’t find ‘em? Put a bounty on their heads and we will be driving busloads of them to those detention camps within 24 hours! Where there is a will there is a way!

That damnable healthcare bill you passed out of the Senate is going to break the country and destroy the world’s finest healthcare system. 57% of us said NO; we’d rather have no healthcare bill at all than have that monstrosity. Yet you passed that thing through the Senate anyway. Well, the fight is NOT completely over -- and believe me when I say -- we are going to fight you for every last vote on it.

Look, just how stupid do you think we are, anyway? Do you not think that we understand that you are simply setting the stage for America to join a single one-world government as an “equal” country to all others? Do you not think that we understand that you do not believe in “American Exceptionalism?” Hell, we KNOW THAT! We’ve known that for some time now. See, we are way ahead of you there -- and that is why YOU HAVE TO GO!

Pollsters tell us that 66% of Americans want smaller government and fewer government services. DID YOU GET THAT? Hell, NO! Even if you had heard us, you would have shrugged it off and continued on your merry way.

What a mess this country is in! In my nearly 7 decades on this earth, I have NEVER seen it in worse shape and that includes all the wars in my lifetime.

We have a President so inept he can’t find his own rear-end with both hands and a bird dog. We have a Congress, which has gone rogue on us and set itself up as an oligarchy in which all power is vested in them as the dominant class or clique. America now has government by the few.

Americans are mad as hell! We will TRY to suffer your arrogance until November. But that is it. Either stand down by resigning while you still have a shred of dignity and respectability left or be driven from office by the waves of wrathful, angry, just plain MAD Americans who wish election day were today!

J. D. Longstreet

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