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Climategate: The Beginning of the End?

Climategate: The Beginning of the End?

J. D. Longstreet


The “Environuts” are busy these days “backing and filling” in a desperate attempt to “cover-up” the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on mankind. I refer, of course, to the Manmade Global Warming Hoax they have been running on us for decades. Now THEY HAVE BEEN CAUGHT – red-handed – AND THEY HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO ATTEMPT TO SALVAGE AS MUCH AS THEY CAN.

The aforementioned Environuts have had decades to perfect the manner in which they control the formulation and the distribution of their propaganda. So, they are no slouches when it comes to controlling the leftist Mainstream Media, especially since the MsM is so ready and willing to lend their assistance to any and all efforts to aid the Environuts toward their end goal which is, dare I say it – a “One World Government”, or as THEY refer to it: Global Governance.

There was a time, in the not too distant past, when folks laughed and shrugged off any suggestion that there was a behind the scenes movement to create a One World Government. I must admit it DID sound like something from a bad science fiction novel -- but no longer. We now KNOW such a movement does exist and has existed for rather a long time and it is gaining ground – at least it was gaining ground until Climategate broke on the world a few days ago.

As soon as I learned of Climategate, I contact a few friends who share my concern about this hoax and we all agreed that the only way we would be able to combat their efforts to cover-up Climategate would be to hit back—HARD-- and often -- drawing the public’s attention to their hoax and to the e-mails, which were either hacked or released, possibly by a whistle blower with a guilty conscious. Those e-mails prove the hoax. It is there for the entire world to see.

Either the world will choose to see and accept the truth – the truth we so-called “deniers” have been proclaiming for decades, as well, or the public will continue to accept the lies of manmade global warming and continue to abrogate it’s duty to shut down the perpetrators of this vast hoax and secure its freedom and liberty, or -- the public will continue to grasp onto their string of lies and distortions, about the world’s climate, and finally end up with a world-wide nameless, faceless, dictator which THEY helped gain power over the entire world and all its people.

As free men we have a responsibility to our fellow Americans, indeed, to all the peoples of the earth to do all that is within our power to see that the TRUTH is exposed and that light is shed directly onto the HOAX that is Manmade Global Warming.

My friend, and fellow blogger, Alan Caruba, I feel sure, is of the same mind. He has written an article, in fact, MANY articles, decrying the efforts of those perpetrators of the Global Warming Hoax. I want to share the article below with you.

J. D. Longstreet

Let the Great Global Warming Cover-Up Begin!
By Alan Caruba

Now that some enterprising and possibly conscience-stricken soul has served up the emails and other data of the Climate Research Unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia, revealing the deliberate efforts to hide the corrupted research that justifies the “global warming” fraud, all the various journalists and alleged climate scientists who have been a party to it are trying desperately to cover up or minimize the scandal.

Others like the U.S. “Climate Czar” Carol Browner have announced their faith in the disputed data, but Browner, who served as EPA Director in the Clinton administration has never shown any interest in honest science and is not likely to have left a paper trail in her present position. No word yet from Obama’s loony “Science Czar”, John Holdren.The truth is, those closely allied with the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) have been suppressing the real science, substituting their own corrupted data, and trying to avoid the process of “peer review” by which other scientists, the real ones, can test the data for accuracy and validity.

Thousands of real scientists have signed petitions over the years demanding that global warming claims be submitted to rigorous examination.

The Heartland Institute, a non-profit, free market think tank, spent—-for them-—an enormous amount of money to put on international conferences that brought together top scientists who demonstrated how utterly false the IPCC, CRU and other data was, but the mainstream media simply mocked their effort.

Initially, the culprits at the CRU claimed that their computers had been “hacked”, but many others believe that the data and emails had already been culled by CRU insides for the purpose of removing it from any impending investigation.In England, its Freedom of Information Act, similar to that in the U.S., had been used to demand the data supporting the global warming theory which, at one point, Phil Jones, the CRU director, claimed had been “lost.” Reportedly, Jones has attracted more than $22 million in grants to the CRU for climate research!

His colleague, Michael Mann of Pennsylvania State University, became famous for concocting a “hockey stick” graph that depicted a sudden rise in the Earth’s temperature that was later revealed to have been falsified, but these concoctions have been used for decades by the IPCC to claim that global warming is real and on-going.

The prevailing belief now is that the emails and data were already on a disk that a conscience-stricken CRU staffer decided to make available on the Internet for all to see and examine before it too became “lost.”You can be sure, however, that the global warming journalists whose careers have been based on furthering the fraud will continue to emphasize the “hacking” theory to suggest this “stolen” data lacks merit and those using it, the so-called “skeptics” and “deniers” are still not to be trusted.

In the United States, James E. Hansen, the head of NASA’s Goddard Institute, got the “global warming” hysteria going in the 1980s when he testified before Congress that his research revealed an incipient catastrophe if the U.S. did not significantly reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions that he said were causing “global warming.” The result was that NASA has averaged more than $1 billion each year since 1995 for climate research.Estimates of the amount of money the U.S. has spent on all manner of “research” and related programs peg the figure at $50 billion or more. That’s a lot of money for something that was NOT happening and in 1998 the Earth entered a natural cooling cycle; one in which we’re likely be for two decades more or longer.

All of this is exacerbated by the fact that the President of the United States will briefly attend the forthcoming December UN Conference of the Parties on Climate Change being held in Copenhagen. He has made it clear that he believes the false data put forth by the IPCC and wants the U.S. to sign a treaty that would yield U.S. sovereignty to the United Nations.

President Obama has repeatedly said the United States has to reduce its CO2 emissions, the mantra of the global warming liars. It would destroy what's left of our battered, debt-ridden economy.

So a major cover-up will be the objective of the U.S. news media that has pushed “global warming” for years with one scare story after another aimed at energy producers and users.

The battle now is to force the mainstream media to tell the truth about “global warming” and to find out just how many billions of taxpayers dollars have been squandered on junk climate science and policies detrimental to the nation (emphasis added).

As for President Obama, he should just pick up his Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo, Norway, give another florid speech, get on Air Force One, and come home.

Alan Caruba

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