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ObamaCare and Gun Control – All In The Same Package

ObamaCare and Gun Control – All In The Same Package!
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet


So, you’re a hunter, a sportsman, or just a good citizen who has a firearm in your home for the protection of your family and, YES, even for the protection of your property, which you have worked so hard, all your life, to acquire.

The US Constitution says you have that right – RIGHT? Well, NOT SO FAST! It appears that “what we have here -- is a failure to communicate.” See, the Gungrabbers in the Obama Regime, don’t view the constitution the same AS YOU AND I. Nosiree! To them “The Constitution,” at it’s best, is only a suggestion. To you and me, it is THE LAW!

OK, before you go grabbing for your blood pressure pills and assuring “Elizabeth” that “This is the BIG ONE, honey….” lets dig a tad deeper, shall we?

Those of us who have watched ObamaCare develop, over the months and years, (Yeah, I DID say “YEARS”. Why, you didn’t REALLY believe that “thing” was written in the few days and weeks from Obama’s swearing in ceremony until it popped up in the hoppers in the US House and Senate – DID YOU? Surely not! Oh, no… work on ObamaCare began rather a long time ago. But that is a commentary for another time. Not today.)

As I was about to say, before I interrupted myself -- those of us who have watched ObamaCare develop, over the months and years, have not only noticed but we have cried out in dismay at the depths to which the government will be able to dip it’s hands into your business, into your/our daily lives and dictate to you and me just how we will be required to live our lives… if we want to have ObamaCare, that is. Of course, we can pay that hefty fine, (and possibly do a stretch in federal prison) until we change our minds and sign-up like the “good little socialists” we are expected to be. Oh, that part about “doing a stretch in federal prison” is not in the “would-be ObamaCare law” as far as I am able to determine. At least it is not in the bill – YET! But, you allow that lot in Congress to have an inch and they will snatch a mile! Who knows what might be in the bill the next time we look? Jeez, it gives me cold chills!

The good folks over at Gun Owners of America are deeply concerned about the proposed bill and would have you know a few things. They, along with a few million other gun owning Americans, are concerned over the possibility that ObamaCare could be used to ban guns for self defense in the home. As we continue to warn you – do not think it cannot happen because right here, in my state, it is happening among those who are employed by the state and happen to be obese or happen to be smokers. If they fall into either of those categories, or both, they will be hit with higher premiums than the other policyholders. Different you say? Not very, I reply. The principle is exactly the same. The state will be using their power to dictate to us how we live our lives.

In an article entitled: “ObamaCare Could Be Used to Ban Guns in Home Self Defense” they say the following: “in addition to an extensive list of statutorily mandated coverage, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius would be empowered to “define and update the categories of treatments, items, and services...” within an insurance plan which would be covered in a policy constituting “required minimum health coverage.”

Gun Owners of America goes on to say: “It is nearly certain that coverage prescribed by the administration will, to control costs, exclude coverage for what it regards as excessively dangerous activities. And, given Sebelius’ well-established antipathy to the Second Amendment -- she vetoed concealed carry legislation as governor of Kansas -- we presume she will define these dangerous activities to include hunting and self-defense using a firearm. It is even possible that the Obama-prescribed policy could preclude reimbursement of any kind in a household which keeps a loaded firearm for self-defense.”

The GOA reminds us not to be surprised if ObamaCare creates a “back door gun ban” on any America who owns “dangerous firearms.”

In the article GOA says: “The ObamaCare bill already contains language that will punish Americans who engage in unhealthy behavior by allowing insurers to charge them higher insurance premiums. (What constitutes an unhealthy lifestyle is, of course, to be defined by legislators.)”

The GOA goes on to say: “All of this is in addition to something that GOA has been warning you about for several months … the certainty that minimum acceptable policies will dump your gun information into a federal database … a certainty that is reinforced by language in the summary providing for a study to “encourage increased meaningful use of electronic health records.”

Far fetched you say? Well consider this: “… the federal government has already denied more than 150,000 military veterans the right to own guns, without their being convicted of a crime or receiving any due process of law. They were denied because of medical information (such as PTSD) that the FBI later determined disqualified these veterans to own guns.”

And, the GOA reminds us: “failure to comply would subject the average family to $1,500 in fines -- and possibly more for a household with older teens. And, although a Schumer amendment purports to exempt Americans from prison sentences for non-purchase of an ObamaPolicy -- something which was never at issue -- it doesn’t prohibit them from being sent to prison for a year and fined an additional $25,000 under the Internal Revenue Code for non-payment of the initial fines.

You really NEED to read this articling full at the Gun Owners of America site. You will find this particular article HERE.

Yes, this IS scary stuff! But we have been trying for months now to get your attention, to get you to look beyond the fluff the Mainstream Media is plastering all over their print publications and their electronic publications/broadcasts.

It is time to write you Congresspersons and your Senators and tell them of your strong objections to the hand of government in your everyday life and most certainly with the government “fooling around” with the freedoms granted American citizens under the US Constitution.

ObamaCare must be stopped and we must do it in an aboveboard, legal, and honorable way. Stooping to the level of those who would strip our freedoms, as Americans, away from us is totally unacceptable.

Just because there appears to be a lull in the action on ObamaCare in Washington, is no reason for us to back off one iota.

Sun-Tsu, the great thinker, general, and author of the book entitled “The Art of War” said: “To fail to take the battle to the enemy when YOUR back is to the wall is to perish!” Now is the time for all Americans who love their country, and our republican form of government, to step forward and defend her.

J. D. Longstreet


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