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“ISLAM On Capitol Hill” Rally Today (09.25.09)

“ISLAM On Capitol Hill” Rally Today (09.25.09)
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

I received the following by e-mail. Below is the text of that e-mail:
Obama did not have (for the first time ever) the annual White House CHRISTIAN Prayer Breakfast this year.

On Aug. '09 The Obama Administration Denied (for the first time ever) a Flyover at the 43rd annual 'God and Country' Rally in Colorado, "because of its CHRISTIAN nature."

AND NOW............

We should have heard about this upcoming Muslim rally in Washington months ago, but, our (?) government, who issues permits for these gatherings on public property, did not bother to let it be known.

Did you hear ANYTHING about the following Muslim National Prayer Gathering on the "mainstream" news???? Of course not. This is another very important e-mail for us to read and take into consideration as to where Obama's agenda is taking America.

Read on:

Washington, D.C. - On September 25th there will be a national prayer gathering of Muslims on the west front of the U.S. Capitol Building. They are expecting at least 50,000 to attend from mosques all across America. They will gather to pray from 4:00 AM until 7:00 PM. The gathering will take place by the site where U.S. Presidents have been inaugurated since 1981. The organizers say that it was Obama's inauguration speech in January and his speech broadcast from EGYPT in June that gave them the idea for this prayer gathering on Capitol Hill. They have a website set up for this event. If you never look at another website look at this one, especially the final words:

So, I did a little checking -- and found that “Snopes” had this to say about it: TRUE. You will find a write-up on it from Snopes HERE.

Over at the Washington Post Jeff Diamant has an article entitled “Islam Goes to Bat for America.” In his piece Mr. Diamant says: “Tens of thousands of Muslims plan to pray "for the soul of America" outside the U.S. Capitol this month in what is being described as a first-of-its-kind event.

The event, headed by the Dar-ul-Islam mosque in Elizabeth, N.J., will not include political speeches or placards, just prayer, said Hassen Abdellah, president of Dar-ul-Islam and a main organizer of the Sept. 25 event. You may read the entire article HERE.

Still feel a little uneasy about this uh, Prayer Meeting?’ Well, then, take a gander at this from website “Atlas Shrugged”: “September 25th, National Prayer Day - Leader of "Islam on Capitol Hill" said: "The White House Will Become the Muslim House," America is "Controlled by the Jews.”

Shocking? I’ll say! Now read the entire article HERE.

Do you begin to see the reason a lot, I mean A LOT, of folks are uneasy about this massive gathering of Islamic practioners at the nation’s capitol?

These are dangerous times in America. “It is past time for all good Americans to come to the aid of their country.” That is a statement I am hearing and reading more and more these days. It is beginning to sound like a rallying cry for Americans concerned about the direction America is being taken by the socialist regime at the helm in the nation’s capitol.

Now, maybe it is just me, but this whole Islamic rally strikes me as nothing more than a show of the power of Muslims in America and it is deeply frightening to many Americans. Frankly, it is troublesome to me.

America could once claim the title of a “Christian nation.” Evidently, that time has passed and today we are, well, frankly, I don’t know what we are! Diversity and multiculturalism have taken a tremendous toll on America. She stands today a husk of her former self.

Our President took to the podium at the United Nations this week and took the opportunity to “sell out” the only friend America has in the Middle East – Israel. In calling for a Palestinian state, alongside Israel, his naiveté was on display like a marching band parading across the stage behind him. Everybody in that room knew what Obama was proposing was/is unworkable and will lead to a blood-letting in the Middle East the likes of which the world has never before seen. It could be, in fact, Armageddon! Yet, there he was, the representative of a once free nation, America, giving orders to another sovereign nation, Israel, and setting the US up as the fall guy when the “ship hits the sand” in that region, And believe me, when I tell you, that it will!. When a Palestinian state and an Israeli state go head to head in furious conflict the remainder of the planet’s nations will be forced to choose sides, and THAT, Dear Reader, will be, or will lead to, Armageddon!

What happens today (or what has happened today, depending upon your time zone and/or the time you are reading this, is another symptom of the decline and fall of America. Prophets, here in America, unrecognized as such, have been warning of just this thing for many decades now, but just as the folks of the prophet Jeremiah’s time Americans have “stopped” their ears and will not hear the dire warnings emanating from the Christian community, mainly because most of those prophets are from the evangelical side of the Christian faith in America. Like the Prophet Jeremiah, they are being laughed at, mocked, and abused, and their warnings are being misused to make sport of them before all of America.

At the risk of sounding bigoted, I must be honest and tell you that -- as I view that mass gathering of Muslims in the nation’s capitol today, I will not be seeing a prayer meeting. Instead, I will be see great silver airliners crashing into those shiny steel and glass buildings we, once upon a time, called The World Trade Center. I will be seeing the horror and the grief, and the nearly three thousand bodies of innocent dead Americans, and others from around the world, gathered there to do business, to indulge in capitalism, and to pursue happiness by providing for their families by the practice of their chosen professions.

I cannot forget the religious faith of those who hi-jacked those planes and murdered those thousands of innocent people on American soil. As I close my eyes that final time I will see, emblazoned upon the dark undersides of my eyelids, men and women leaping from hundreds of feet above the ground, to escape the flames licking at their heels, into the arms of the instantaneous death they knew awaited them at the end of their downward plunge. That sight remains with me always and I fully expect to take it to my grave.

Nothing that Muslim rally does today will remove the bitter gall left in the back of my throat by the premeditated murder of thousands on American soil… nothing!

J. D. Longstreet


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