Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Faking Sincerity.

Faking Sincerity.
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

Back in “the day” there was an expression that went something like this: “When you can fake sincerity, then you’ve really got it made!”

I think of this expression and the absolute truth it represents every time I hear that Obama is making, or is going to make, a speech. Well – truth be told -- I have NEVER heard Obama make a speech. No lie. The man hasn’t a thing to say that I want to hear -- other than “I resign.”

I have to admit – he IS one of the all time great ones. I mean, it is really difficult to look another person in the eye and lie through your teeth, but Obama has mastered that skill. Combine that with faked sincerity and the gullible of America will stampede just to get in line to hear his lies. And do not DARE to call him a liar! Why that is pure blasphemy! In other words do not dare to speak the truth about all the glib promises he is making especially about socialized medicine in America.

When you step back and survey the way the country is divided over ObamaCare you quickly see the folks supporting Obama are the folks who want, oh so badly, to be made fools of. You can point out the truth to those people all day long, until you are blue in the face, and it will do no good. They have made up their minds they will follow the empty suit in the Oval Office right off the cliff of the looming socialism. They resemble, for all the world, the followers of Jim Jones as they guzzle down Obama’s kool-aid.

Obama’s promises cannot be kept. It is IMPOSSIBLE. He cannot supply healthcare for everyone in America without raising your taxes and rationing healthcare at the same time. Even the government agencies charged with checking such things say it is impossible. Yet the “true believers” kneel at Obama’s feet and worship as they chant, “Yes, we can! Yes, we can!”

Look, The US is B R O K E! We are W I T H O U T F U N D S! We are, temporarily, financially embarrassed. Call it what you will, the fact is we cannot afford ObamaCare. We cannot dredge up the money it will take to pay for it – PERIOD!

Try a little experiment. Next Friday and or Saturday evening pay a visit to the Emergency Department of your local hospital. Look at the crowds waiting for medical help. Take note of who those people waiting are. They are being treated at no cost to them. You and I, the folks with insurance pay for them as the cost is spread out over my hospital bill and yours when we receive medical treatment at that facility.

The crowds at some ER departments have been so large the hospitals have been forced to close that department down completely.

Now, just imagine the size of the crowds awaiting treatment under ObamaCare when there is no “apparent” cost to the recipient of those services. There is NO WAY the existing hospital staff will be able to handle those crowds. SOMEBODY is going to be turned away, or given a number and told to report back in a week, or a month, or six weeks or even a year. THAT is called healthcare RATIONING! It is not just a possibility -- it is a certainty!

And another thing: Where are all the doctors and nurses coming from to man those ER departments and where are the funds coming from to build the new hospitals and clinics that absolutely will be required to handle the hugely increased demand for free healthcare? Where? Some reports say we can expect as many as 50 million new patients increasing the drain on our existing facilities and the few primary care doctors we now have. Considering the fact that we are already experiencing a shortage of primary care doctors today, many, many, more primary care doctors are going to be needed almost overnight. Where are they coming from?

When considering that 49% of Americans favor ObamaCare I must tell you that leads me to believe that we need some sort of National Mental healthcare Program – and that’s for certain. Sane people don’t act this way. Sane people do not accept a continuing flow of lies from anyone without question.

"Something for nothing" is the most welcome promise of all and really good con men know that. They use it all the time. Obama is no different. He is making the same empty promise with his promise of free healthcare for all without costing the recipient anything. There it is: “Something for Nothing."

Thomas Sowell has an excellent article on just this thing titled: “Charlatan-in-Chief.” We highly recommend that you click your way over to National Review Online and read it. You’ll find it HERE.

There is no doubt in my mind that before the year 2009 is ended the US will have some sort of Socialized Medicine. It is the price we will pay for electing the socialists of the Democratic Party to power. Already, in barely seven months, the democrats have raped, and sacked, and looted our country. They have bankrupted the treasury and caused every man woman and child, now alive in the US, to bear the burden of some $40,000.00 debt to the US government. And that is BEFORE they slap us with Socialized Medicine!

The plain truth is, dear reader, if America is to survive the damage done by the democrats we must begin at the ballot box in 2010. We must vote out every democrat seeking reelection and those seeking office for the first time must be turned away. The very survival of the USA depends upon it.

J. D. Longstreet

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