Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I Doubt Politicans Will Use Obamacare

Let me stress that this has been floating around the internet, and I don't know if this encounter actually took place this way, on ABC. So please take it with a grain of salt. That said, it doesn't matter if the exchange really took place this way. The fact remains that Obama, and the Washington elite will not be forced to take the same health care coverage as the rest of us. Do you really think they will be waiting weeks to see the doctor? Or months to get much needed surgery? Nope, they will still the the best treatment available, at our expense.

On "ABC-TV" (better known as the All Barack Channel) during the network special on health care, Obama was asked:

"Mr President, will you and your family give up your current health care program, and join the new universal health care program that the rest of us will be on?"

There was a stony silence as Obama ignored the question, and chose not to answer it.

In addition, a number of senators were asked the same question, and their response was "We will think about it."

And they did. It was announced today on the news that the "Kennedy health care bill" was written into the new health care reform initiative, insuring that congress will be 100% exempt from universal health care coverage.

So this great new health care plan that is good for you and I, is not good enough for Obama, his family, or congress? We, the American public, need to stop this proposed legislation, ASAP. It is wrong that we are forced to accept universal health care, while the Washington elite continue on with their solid gold health care coverage. They are servants of the people, not lords and ladies to be lavished with tax payer dollars, and luxuries not available to the rest of us.

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