Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Anger in America is Growing

Is Hate Growing in America?
By: J. D. Longstreet


From Rasmussen Reports: “Fifty percent (50%) of Americans believe hate is growing in America in the wake of the murders of a doctor who performed late-term abortions and a military recruiter and a shooting incident at the U.S. Holocaust Museum in which a guard was killed. … Since much of the criticism after the shooting incidents was directed at conservative talk radio and television, it’s not surprising that 52% of Democrats blame radio, TV and Internet rhetoric for increased hatred, while a plurality of Republicans (44%) feel the opposite way. Adults not affiliated with either party are almost evenly divided on the question.”
You may read the entire article HERE.

So far no surprises. It was, OF COURSE, those mean ole CONSERVATIVES stirring people up over such paltry things as the hijacking of our democracy and replacing it with a socialist form of government. The wanton disregard of the constitution by the left, and conservatives having the temerity to actually speak aloud about such things as our religion which tells us, flat-out, that certain behaviors are unacceptable in the eyes of God and are heinous sins and blasphemous crimes against God. So, yes, I suppose conservatives did upset some people.

It is always upsetting when someone holds a mirror up to a society and allows the members of that society to see the evil rampant in one’s own society and yes, even in one’s own life. Yeah, it can be expected that will cause some uncomfortable moments for our friends on the left side of the political spectrum.

Raised as an evangelical I was taught to ”Love the sinner and hate the sin.” But, I have to tell you, it is getting far more difficult these days to not carry that hate for the sin over to the sinner, as well- especially when the sinner is constantly in your face, flaunting his crime against God in the face of a society he knows does not approve of his acts. It has also become uncommonly trying on those conservatives when they know they are being deliberately singled out in an attempt to cause them to break and react in a manner which may reflect hate rather than love.

Now, let’s understand one other very important thing, too. Not ALL conservatives are church going, bible reading, Christians. It is not required that a conservative to be a Christian.

One other thing we need to be clear on. There is a double standard in America for Conservatives and Leftists. Things the left routinely gets away with, a conservative would be crucified for. Just as an example - adultery is one of the biggies.

According to the same Rasmussen Report: “Fifty-three percent (53%) of Americans said the United States should refrain from banning so-called “hate speech” in a survey a year ago. Twenty-eight percent (28%) favored banning hate speech, which is loosely defined as comments intended to put down or incite violence against people on the basis of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation and other legally protected categories.” Am I the only commentator out here who sees this as what it is – a clear violation of the First Amendment?

I am convinced the sole purpose of the Hate Speech Ban is to silence Conservatives. There is absolutely no other acceptable explanation for it. Conservatives who spout the truth are a real and present danger to the political left. I mean, the left cannot allow conservatives to refer to as them socialists! That’s what they are, but they don’t want to hear you actually SAY IT! And – they fear you hearing it. They fear that if you do come to suspect that the current government in the United States is controlled by socialists you just might take the time to do a little light research and learn what a socialist REALLY is - and that would scare you to death! Conservatives, of course, WANT you to do that research and learn for yourself who is actually pulling the strings in your nation’s capital.

According to Rasmussen: “seventy-four percent (74%) of voters believe that with the Internet, cable networks, satellite radio, newspapers, radio and TV, it is possible for just about any political view to be heard in today’s media.” So, what’s wrong wit that? Nothing I can think of. Where the problem arises is when one side or the other tries to shut everybody else up! And THAT is exactly what leftist the world over, and especially in America, tries to do every time they come to power. As an example, I offer the Fairness Doctrine. The left in Congress has not given up their goal of the reinstitution of that hellish piece of legislation. Oh, they will title it something else, but it will BE “the Fairness Doctrine.”

To answer the question in the title to this commentary, I’d reply that no, I do not believe hate in America is getting any worse. However, when you stifle a once free people, it has the same effect as screwing the valve down tight on a pressure cooker. Sooner or later, something is going to explode.

Today America is that pressure cooker. Our leftist/socialist leadership is screwing the valve closed at an ever-increasing speed and the pressure within is building to dangerous levels. They are doing exactly what we predicted they WOULD DO once in power. They are over-reaching. They do it every time! It seems they simply cannot help themselves. They become inebriated on power, and their drunkenness affects their judgment – or so it seems.

No, in my opinion, hate is not growing - but flat out, old fashioned, country style ANGER IS GROWING!

I don’t know about you – but I am mad as hell! I’m mad at what has been done to my country! I’m mad as hell at the folks who have done it and continue doing it! I’m mad as hell at the folks who sit on the sidelines and bitch and moan and won’t get in the arena and fight for what they KNOW is right! I’m mad as hell at the political party that KNOWS what it takes to win and throw the Socialist and Marxists out of Washington, and still refuse to do it! That is utter insanity and the GOP is as mad as a hatter!

America is becoming an armed camp. If our public education system was worth anything at all, Americans would know what is happening. To get a grasp of it, all that is required is a look at what happened in this same country from about 1820 until April of 1861. We are repeating the same mistakes we made then. May God have mercy on us if we do not wake up and get hold of ourselves and stop the insanity in our government before half of this country decides it no longer wishes to be associated with the other half.

One thing is certain. We cannot continue on the course we have set. If we do, the United States of America will cease to exist in a very short time.

J. D. Longstreet

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