Monday, June 8, 2009

A Sign of Weakness

A Sign of Weakness
J. D. Longstreet

It worries me that our liberal friends seem, somehow, to think that showing one's fangs to an enemy is distasteful but cannot grasp how rolling over onto one's back and presenting one's soft underbelly can be construed as a definite show of weakness and servility. What Obama was doing in the Middle East recently was, in the eyes of the Middle Easterner, a definite sign of weakness and an open invitation to Muslim disdain and disgust. They will smile, take his hand in a demonstration of friendship, slip the political knife into his back, and wait for the moment of optimum opportunity to strike the Great Satan in his own home, wreaking murder and mayhem amongst a people so brilliantly stupid as to choose a leader so naive, so narcissistic, and so committed to punishing America for it’s excellence.

I continued to hear how Obama represented the answer to Muslim prayers, how he was going to fulfill their ultimate dreams, how so much of the Muslim world had penned so much of their hopes and dreams and desires onto one person and that one person was/is Obama. The Mainstream Media and the Government Controlled Media fawned all over Obama and his entourage. It became sickening.

But what is that one dream of the Muslim world they believe Obama can help them fulfill? Could it be the Muslim dream of a one-world caliphate, a single Muslim kingdom that would span the entire globe?

Many questions are being asked here in America about Obama’s apparent favoring of the Arabs over the Israelis, as well. Many American Jews who voted for Obama are looking at their vote and questioning whether or not they made a colossal mistake in supporting the man many of us on the conservative side of the aisle tried, desperately, to warn them against. Obama has made it clear that he intends to support a Two-State Policy with an Arab state called Palestine alongside the state of Israel. Methinks Mr. Obama has no idea the potential for trouble having a STATE of Palestine next door to Israel will cause. There will be a continual state of war. Israel having to protect itself against a stateless bunch of Arab refugees and Israel protecting itself against a State of Palestine is two entirely different things - and far more deadly.

So, as Americans, can we expect massive change in the way the US is viewed by the Muslim world? No. I think not. Well, I DO suspect there might be less respect for America amongst the Muslims after Obama’s trip. I mean, once you get past the fawning press corp based in America, it is not really difficult to see that Mr. Obama is a just a naive young man with a head full of socialist dreams and a burning desire to redistributed the wealth of America no matter the cost to the average American and the kids and grandkids, yet unborn, of those same Americans. Once the hype is toned down, and the deliberate smoke screen is lifted, only the self-delusional can still see Obama as something he is not –a populist messiah sent to save America from herself.

That “open dialogue” between America and the Muslim world, Mr. Obama says he is seeking, remains as illusive as ever, only now the Muslim world, including the Islamofacist terrorists, have even more information about the Obama Administration, and their weaknesses, and more information about the man - Obama.

Even before Obama’s plane went “wheels-up” there were “over-inflated expectations” for his tour of the Middle East. Now that the tour is over, it would seem to us the use of the term “over-inflated expectations” might, itself, have been an understatement.

J. D. Longstreet


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