Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saving America Isn't Going To Be Easy! Get Your TEA Party Flag NOW

Saving America Isn’t Going To Be Easy
How to get your American Tea Party Flag!

A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

If you’re like me, you tired of feeling helpless as the price on foreign oil skyrockets and our national legislators sit on their … uh… hands, in Washing ton, (The per-barrel price on crude was at the highest level, so far this year, at this writing.) D.C. and DO NOTHING but dream up more rules and regulations to push oil prices even higher and gasoline prices at the pumps higher still. Even here in my home state legislators are trying desperately to find ways of pushing the state’s per gallon taxes on gasoline higher or just maintain the current level of state taxes per gallon on a commodity they KNOW we must have to move our goods and services and yes, even ourselves. Many, if not most of us depend on gasoline to get us to and from our jobs so that the economy, such as it is, will remain, at least viable.

Our economy is teetering on the brink of ruination as the result of indescribably DUMB “SAVE THE PLANET” laws, and regulations, which are strangling our small businesses and damaging our large corporations so badly it will take decades for THEM to recover.

Americans are losing jobs in a near landslide of unemployment as a result of the bungling of the Obama Regime. The prices of nearly every foodstuff available in America’s supermarkets have seen gigantic increase in prices because of these same rules and regs. We are looking at a possible worldwide famine because we are being forced, by the mentally challenged lawmakers in DC, to BURN our food (CORN) for fuel (Ethanol) and to water down our gasoline so as not to disturb the cussed caribou and polar bears in a part of the world to darned cold for humans to consider developing anyway. ANWR sits there, where hardly anybody on the face of the planet will ever visit, on the off chance that SOMEDAY, SOMEONE might stumble upon it and say: ”OOOH! Isn’t that pretty!” JEEEZ!

It’s time to raise a little hell, Americans! It’s time to grab our congresspersons by the labels and read them the riot act… as we did with the Amnesty Bill a couple of summers ago. Unfortunately it seems the only way to get through that cloud of self-importance with which they have isolated themselves from their constituents.

If you think it’s bad now… just wait. You ain’t seen nothing yet!

Our current President has bought, wholesale, into the hoax of Global Warming, or as the PR people now refer to it: “Climate Change”. Americans can expect no relief from the Bovine Scatology about “saving the planet” with an administration run by Obama’s Politburo of his Central Committee. Congress is even worse, if that is possible! Having gone completely over to the “Dark Side,” the US Congress has adopted, and almost totally embraced, the socialist agenda while pushing out our democratic representative republic form of government. The single most important idea on Capital Hill these days is how to ensure the current crowd of old hippies and new socialists lock in their current positions of power over us and never have to worry about running for office as an incumbent and losing, ever again. Every day sees the socialist Congress digging in even deeper to secure their fat, cushy, jobs. If anything actually beneficial to the country happens to somehow squeak through, then, it is truly a wonder!

As I said… It’s time to raise a little Cain, my fellow Americans. Stack up the e-mails in their inboxes, choke their fax machines with messages, melt the switchboard with phone calls and if you have no other means, then write them a letter, but let them hear the anger and exasperation we are feeling with them and their asinine, infantile, and worst of all – their socialist way of legislating for the country. Of course the underlying truth is simple. If Americans want their government back, we will have to take it back at the polling places with the ballot. Currently we have a “run away” Congress unaccountable to the people who elected them. Socialism is the order of the day on Capital Hill. For all intents and purposes - the American people have NO real leadership in the Congress. In fact, it appears to those of us who chose up sides a very long time ago that the Congress has but one party, of which, the GOP is a part and no long a stand alone, viable, political party choosing, instead, to join the democrat/socialists in their campaign to savage America while turning her into the world’s newest socialist state.

America needs, at least, a two-party system and at this moment in our history, if we are totally honest with ourselves, we must admit that we have ONLY a one party system.

More Tea Parties are planned, all across the nation, for this July Fourth, Independence Day for America. These “parties” allow Americans the opportunity to speak out about the take over of the America government by democrat/socialist. Estimates put those attending the last round of American Tea Parties at one million, or more, Americans. You might want to ask about in your community to learn where the nearest American Tea Party is to be held this coming Fourth of July.

In the meantime, there are newly created TEA PARTY Flags available for you to purchase and use at the tea parties and later to fly from your doorposts or flagpoles of, and at, your home. Go HERE for information on how you can acquire one or more of these Tea Party Flags and for the address you need to order yours today. Do delay if you want to have the flags by July Fourth.

Let’s be about our mission as Americans who love their country and cannot stand to see if plummeting down farther into the depths of the hell that is socialism. We cannot afford to wait, America! We have our country to save!

J. D. Longstreet

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