Sunday, June 21, 2009

All Those In Favor Of Gubmint Run Healthcare......

......raise your hand! Yeah...that's what I thought. Someone might want to clue in those "polled" by the NYS and CBS, along with the rantings of these fools.

In Poll, Wide Support for Government-Run Health

Americans overwhelmingly support substantial changes to the health care system and are strongly behind one of the most contentious proposals Congress is considering, a government-run insurance plan to compete with private insurers, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll.

The poll found that most Americans would be willing to pay higher taxes so everyone could have health insurance and that they said the government could do a better job of holding down health-care costs than the private sector.

Please! Tell me! Who the hell did they ask???? Do you want to pay even higher taxes than we've already had thrown at us? Do you believe you should have to pay for some lazy ass son of a bitch who can't be bothered to improve his/her lot in life? Or some criminal who sneaks across the border?

I hate to break to you folks who believe the gubmint is the answer to everything, but health care is NOT a right. You do NOT have a right to steal someone else's hard earned dollars to pay for your birth control, or flu vaccine, or anything else. That's not real life!

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