Thursday, June 4, 2009

Actually, He's a Friggin' DISGRACE

It took Obugger two hours to issue a statement about the murder of Tiller the Killer by a loony who just happens to agree with my thoughts about abortion...

...and two days to issue a statement about the murder of a U.S. soldier and the wounding of another soldier, at the hands of a homegrown Muslim convert.

But I'm being insensitive, I know, having served a day or two for our flag while Obugger, meanwhile, rolled a fatty with his birth certificate and smoked it.

I know, I know. Our relationship with the Muslim world is just so much more important than our relationship with unborn human beings, human beings being so gawd awful and worthless...unless they're Muslim.

Forget about those who serve. They're not even worthy of the whore who runs the country.

And I previously said he was merely an embarrassment.

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