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Powell to Republicans: Listen to moderates, too

Powell to Republicans: Listen to moderates, too

WASHINGTON – The conservative vs. moderate split threatening to rupture the Republican Party played out across the airwaves Sunday, with Colin Powell and Tom Ridge denouncing shrill and judgmental voices they say are steering the GOP too far right. Karl Rove challenged Powell to lay out his vision and "back it up" by helping elect Republicans.

At stake is the GOP's status as a major party, Powell and Ridge suggested.

"I believe we should build on the base because the nation needs two parties, two parties debating each other. But what we have to do is debate and define who we are and what we are and not just listen to dictates that come down from the right wing of the party," said Powell, the nation's top military officer under President George H.W. Bush and later secretary of state for President George W. Bush.

Dick Cheney and Rush Limbaugh have openly mocked Powell as a Republican in name only, citing his endorsement of Democrat Barack Obama over Republican John McCain in last year's presidential race.

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Powell to Republicans: Listen to moderates, too
To my friends that still consider themselves to be Republican, I am not trying to alienate you or lose your friendship, but there are some serious issues facing the RNC/GOP right now, not the least of which being the infighting within the RNC/GOP and the obvious move to the left that the RNC/GOP has made.

Powell reaffirmed that he is a solid Republican and said the GOP must be more inclusive or risk giving Democrats and independents the chance to scoop up disaffected moderate Republicans. He detailed his presidential voting history — yes to GOP nominees Ronald Reagan through the younger Bush, but yes also to Democrats John F. Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson and Jimmy Carter.
Colin Powell is a RINO and an IDIOT! Colin Powell, and his 'inclusiveness', is indicative of exactly why so many Conservatives and Independents have turned their backs on the Republican party. That 'all inclusiveness' is exactly why the RNC/GOP is regarded as nothing more than Dem-Lite.

Limbaugh has called Powell "just another liberal," said he should become a Democrat and charged that Powell endorsed Obama based on race. Both Powell and Obama are black.

In remarks to business leaders in Boston this past week, Powell took on such high-profile criticism, saying, "I may be out of their version of the Republican Party, but there's another version of the Republican Party waiting to emerge once again."
I am NOT a Limbaugh fan, he does NOT speak for me, but in the above statement, Rush hit a home run. All you have to do is read the response by Powell to know that Rush struck a nerve. Colin Powell is a RINO, nothing more. Conservatives and Independents aren't waiting for another version of the Republican party to emerge, we're hoping and praying that the RNC/GOP goes back to where it was when this nation was at it's greatest in modern times. Very similar to the RNC/GOP during the reign of Ronald Reagan.

Dem-Lite is NOT going to get the job done, and God help the DNC, the RNC and Dem-Lite overall if the Conservatives of this nation can put their 20 different directions thing behind them, regain their focus, get well organized and start moving in one UNITED direction. The GOP's BIG TENT may be great for a circus, but running this nation shouldn't be done from a circus tent, especially with the CLOWNS doing the leading. America 1st, with Conservative Americans leading the way, that is the only thing that is going to save this nation.

George W. Bush claimed the title of Conservative, he was NOT. I am not advocating a return to anything even remotely similar to the Bush years, Bush 41 or 43. Their ideas of one world government and poor leadership are as much to blame for the current situation of this nation as is anything. No more liberalism in American government, no more Dem-Lite being foisted off on the American people and called conservative governance.

The RNC/GOP is dying, let it die. Let all the Dems in disguise, the RINOs, go over to the Dems and libbers. They deserve one another. Let the REAL Conservatives of this nation rise and take America back! That is the way it should be!

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Left Coast Rebel said...

You are so right! Powell is just another Liberal/Democrat, we need a true conservative party. Take a look at my post from saturday on Tom McClintock from CA. He gave a speech that is one of the best I've ever read......glad I ran across your blog, follow me if you get the chance!