Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The American Conservative Party

The American Conservative Party

This is a post I found at Conservative Libertarian Outpost and I thought it worth sharing. I hope many of you will take a look at it, read closely the platform, and I hope you will weigh in, good or bad, with your feelings regarding these folks and whether or not you would support them and promote them!
If you’re receiving this email, it means that we have your email registered on the old American Conservative Party website, but do not have enough information to consider you an active member. Parties are organized by registered voters at the State Level, so at the very least we need your residential City and State.

It’s possible you never considered to be a part of the ACP at all, and were just registering on a website. If that’s the case, you can either choose to revisit the idea by going to our new site–– and see if the party is something you’d like to get behind, or you can safely ignore this email.

If you’d like to be a SUPPORTING MEMBER or a VOLUNTEER for the American Conservative Party, you MUST go to the new site––and fill out the “Join Now” form. There are specific ways you can get involved to help the movement against the “Two-Parties-One-Political-Class” we’re working against.

However, if your intent is simply to be “counted as a member” so that when petitions, candidates, and other issues come up in your area, you can be informed, we must know your residential city/state, and you can do that by filling out the form below.

Sincerest thanks.

Yours in Liberty,

Butch Porter
National Chairman
The American Conservative Party

I still believe that the TEA Party protests are a good thing, but if there is already a viable, and sustainable movement in place, maybe it's best to go with that instead of trying to form a TEA Party per se. Why waste time, energy, resources and money trying to build another party if there's already something in place that can be supported?

I'm searching for answers and opinions folks. I firmly believe that the DNC is trying to destroy this nation. I am firmly convinced that the RNC, and the RINOs that RUN the RNC are right there with them, they have become Dem-Lite, nothing more. We, as a nation, are ripe for a 3rd party. America needs a 3rd party and the time is now.

Conservatives, and there really are Conservatives from both sides, Dem and Republican, are fed up with the BS coming from their only 2 choices. The duplicity of both parties is blatantly obvious. The American citizen, the VOTING TAX PAYER, has become nothing more than a source of cash. Our opinions don't matter, our needs don't matter, our American sovereignty apparently doesn't matter either, otherwise, we wouldn't have some 12 to 20 odd million ILLEGALS in this nation, depending on which source you wish to believe!

The Libertarian Party has never been able to catch on with the mainstream of America, they are, as a whole, too far out there for me, but, as with ALL parties, they DO have some good points, they just don't have enough of them, and on a few items I am totally opposed to the Libertarian platform.

Conservatives must make a stand, we can't have the RINOs that denigrate us making our decisions and running our lives for us.

Republicans can't get elected without Conservatives, but again I ask, do we want Republicans elected? Republicans that are a lot more likely to be RINOs? Or do we want Conservatives elected? I don't have the answers, but I am presenting some serious questions. I hope that some of us can actually put our heads together and find a solution, the right solution. We owe it to our children, their descendants, to ALL Americans, we must restore the pride, integrity and honor that this nation was founded on if we expect it to survive.

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